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on July 27, 2011

I was having an off day due to a variety of factors in life (kids, husband starting new job, day care). It was a case of stress and general blahs. Despite that, I did exercise and fold laundry (which I am pleased with). Not a huge amount of productivity, but much better than nothing.

Surprisingly, what got me out of my mood was reading an old textbook. The tv distracted me, but didn’t help after the fact. The lunch I ate was okay, but didn’t change my mood dramatically. So I was surprised when going downstairs and reading a text book helped.

Part of my goal of organization is to either use or get rid of items. I didn’t want to get rid of my old textbooks in case I “might need them someday,” so I decided to read it. Not only did it help me to shift my focus away from my problems and concerns, but it also re-energized me for my return to work.  It was amazing how something that was stressful and boring in grad school (reading textbooks) seems so much more relevant and relaxing now.  I didn’t have to take any quizes on it.  I could read at my own pace.  And I could skip the sections that I wasn’t interested in at the time or was review.  I got some good ideas about scheduling and therapy ideas that  I can try with my students at the new school.   I also have the life/job experience to understand what they are trying to say and have enough experience to be able to agree or disagree with their suggestions.   I’ll post more about the book in a later post.


Thanks for reading!

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