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What Works

on July 24, 2011

Here are some tricks that have been working for me to be more productive and organized:

  • Actively relaxing—–let machines help me be productive while I relax—try to make sure that the laundry or dishes are going even if I am relaxing.  It often forces me to do one more thing before I relax (load dishwasher etc). Or be doing something easy while relaxing such as planning recipes for the week, grocery list, or folding clothes.


  •   It sends me an email each day asking me what I did.  I reply back and it logs it on a calendar.  It forces me to reflect on my day and either congradulate myself for what I got done or admit that I was lazy.  Its another way I can check progress.


  • Frozen bread wrap—roll out frozen dough—then fill with stuff (in this case Rueben stuff) and then bake.  Makes nice little loaf or little pockets.  I’m thinking of making a bunch of these on the weekends to pack for lunches when I get back to work.

One response to “What Works

  1. Mo says:

    A trick Mom taught me that has been working well (when I use it that is…) is to just do 1 small thing, something that takes 5-15 minutes tops. Then if I really AM too tired after work to be productive, I don’t have to do anything else and can pat myself on the back for at least doing one small thing. And if I’m lucky, sometimes the feeling of accomplishment will bring a 2nd wind and I’ll move on to the next task and the next until I’ve gotten a few different things crossed off the list!

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