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U is for Under.   What is under the bed?  Do I know what is there?  Spaces such as under the bed can end up being a black hole.   It seems silly to not use the space, but there is also difficulty accessing the stuff easily.  The other problem is that it is easy to forget what is there.  Right now, I have a pile of books, pajamas, and random items that fell off the bed.  For now, under my bed is relatively low on the lists of organization projects to tackle.  Have a happy day!  Happy A to Z! 

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T is for Try.   I am going to try to have burst of cleaning where that is all I do.  No TV.  No reading the mail.   Only cleaning.  I will allow music because I think it helps me rather than distracts me.  I have tried multi-tasking this week.  I will watch a show and fold laundry.  At the end of the show, I find half the basket still there. 

I have read many articles about mindfulness and about multitasking can waste time.  However, the  desire to have the best of both worlds wins out.  

Tonight I will try to stay focused on cleaning even if it is only for a little bit.

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Slippery Slope

S is for slippery slope.   I find myself saying that I will take a day off of cleaning or skip a day of exercise or eat an unhealthy meal.   “One day is no big deal”   True.   If I truly only took ONE day off, I’d be okay.   I find that often one day becomes two days which becomes 3 days.   Soon I find that I am out of the habit and have to relearn the skill.   I’m still trying to find that balance between being kind to myself when something that I plan on doesn’t happen and letting myself relax too much that I loose focus on my goals.



R is for run.   I went for a run today!   I am trying to be more consistent.    In many ways, organizing and running have a lot in common.

  • Both require consistency
  • If you stop doing either one, it feels like a lot more work once you start up
  • Setting short term and long term goals make a big difference
  • I was reluctant starting both of them
  • Both topics are popular blog themes
  • Both seem to come easy to some people and a mystery to others
  • Both have the potential to greatly benefit my life

I just came back from the store with dishwasher detergent.  Off to start it.  Maybe I will have time for two loads tonight! 



Q is for Quilt.   I recently received a big bag of fabric scrapes.   They are a wide range of colors and many have cartoon characters.   I am not a person who sews.   I helped my mom make a bed spread and some pajamas growing up.   Since then I have made a bean bag and small cloth bag.  

I am hoping to make use of the material.  Even if the projects turn out horrible, at least it will give me practice.  Many kids accept imperfections better than adults so I should be okay.   Who knows I may even make a quilt?   Probably not, but it’s the A to Z challenge and Q is a difficult level.

NOW I’m off to make coffee and pick up.   Anyone else relatively new to the crafting world?

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Pick Up

P is for pick up.  I will be starting to do that after I write this and my Q post.   Well, honestly first I will make coffee.   I vacuumed last week, but did a really hurried pick up so the counters and tables and floor are too cluttered.   I don’t mind the task, but I tend to get easily distracted.  I will put one thing away and then start cleaning a different area.  I will straight or organize an area I wasn’t planning on.   I might take time to reminisce and look at books or photos.   I do the best when I can force myself to stick to small visual spaces.  

  • Clean up stuff on big chair
  • Clean up behind chair
  • Clean up coffee table
  • Clean under coffee table

If I can stick to those objective steps and stay on task, I am much more motivated and see progress faster.   Now to find ways to get the kids to help me more.  I am trying to get them in charge of cleaning up a small section of the house that is primarily used for their toys.   Clean up this room before we do __________.  They want me to help them and I am trying to do less and direct more.  If you have any tips or blog posted related to kids cleaning up, I’d love to hear about it. 

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O is for Ordinary.  I have begun to appreciate the ordinary.  I used to hate when I had nothing to do on a Friday or Saturday night.   I would get antsy and feel unwanted.  Now I am finding comfort in the mundane.  Catching up on chores and tv shows with my husband and a glass of wine seems like a perfectly acceptable way to use an evening or a weekend. 

It may be because I’ve learned the value of the simple things.  It may be that I am tired and stressed and the down time is needed to survive.  It may be that I’ve stopped trying to live up to some standard or trying to impress someone.  Either way, I’m okay with it as long as I don’t miss out on too many opportunities.  I’d hate to find that I pass up opportunities to be with friends or travel and completely eliminate those aspects of my life because its easier to lay on the couch.



N is for Neat.     I try to keep things in order and neat, but it’s so easy to let the mess creep in.  My binder for work is an example.  It is filled with papers.   I have the basic organization planned.  I have tabs for frequently used papers.  I am in the process of refilling documents that I have given to families or co-workers.  I have to remember to take out the ones that I am not using as much as I thought I would.  I also need to put away papers that shouldn’t be there in the first place, but it was a quick spot to put it.

Quick post so that I can hopefully spend more time actually cleaning than writing about it.

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M is for Mess. . .which is what happens when you “Let it go”.   I took off some time to spend with family and friends this weekend.  I am SOO glad I did, but it leaves me with a MESS.   I have an early morning and a long day on Thursday.  Trying to figure out how much I can get done without draining my energy for the remainder of the week.  I did get groceries and the dishwasher is currently running, but there is more to do.   Cause and effect.  I work less—I get less done. 


Let it Go

Let it Go felt like an appropriate “L” word.  I have listened it while cleaning several times thanks to my  young children :-)  I’m also working letting go of what I can’t control or when I made a different choice.  For example, this weekend I had a lovely social and family weekend.  No school work got done.  Minimal cleaning was done.  I’m choosing to “let it go” and be okay with my choice. 



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